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The current health benefit system is imbalanced and unsustainable for employers

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A Health Benefit Intelligence Company


SEMMA's big data platform provides employers with health benefit intelligence in the form of data solutions that review, regulate, and reduce health benefit spending.  


Working with SEMMA is easy


Our big data platform brings together disparate data sources to continuously review, regulate, and reduce your health benefit spend.   SEMMA is always on in the background so you can spend your time focused on your people, not their benefits.



Monthly audits of your claims data to identify over-payments and ensure you are paying your negotiated rate



Deep insights into your claims data powered by our machine learning capabilities to support data-driven plan design for your members



Provider partnerships, powered by data, unlock direct savings strategies and additional opportunities to reduce spend

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SEMMA has two core beliefs. Data illuminates decision making. Healthcare is local.

The power of data puts real decision making power in the hands of employers and ensures that healthcare decisions are made where healthcare actions take place: locally.