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Redefining the status quo


The power of big data - and exclusive access to it - means we can make measurable change in the healthcare landscape.



Who we are

In the current healthcare system, there is a lack of transparency and a misalignment of incentives. Every actor in the system, except those paying the bill - the patient and employers -, is incentivized to increase the cost and volume of healthcare services.  SEMMA is the bridge between employers and providers giving each better access to providing better care for the patient.

What we do

SEMMA cuts through the obscurity in the system with transparency.  Our advanced data analytics platform locates unique opportunities to tackle the issues that create inflated healthcare costs. SEMMA works with our clients and local providers to attack these issues, providing solutions that benefit employers, healthcare providers, and, most importantly, the patient.

Why we do it

Healthcare, at its core, is local. Realizing this, SEMMA works to align employers with local healthcare providers through the power of data.  Aligning these two previously disconnected groups, SEMMA can help decrease the overall cost of healthcare.

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Meet the team that is redefining the healthcare system.


SEMMA Health empowers its clients with health benefit intelligence and expertise to bring transparency to the healthcare system.


Susan H. Ford

Chief Financial Officer

Brent Kitts
Chief Financial Officer

Ericka Benson
Associate, Business Development

Sarah D. Ponder
Director, Client Success & Solutions

Data Solutions

Brian Davis
Data Analyst

Beverly Paul
Data Specialist


Lauren Carroll


Mindi Dugard
Clinical Data Specialist


Erin Meyer
Data Specialist